Forming A Strong Foundation For Your Life portrays the importance of self confidence, self respect and work. These characteristics are identified as key priorities for success in life. Targeted to everyone, ages 12 and up, this book sincerely urges readers to focus on forming a strong foundation for their lives by developing these important characteristics.


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This 64 page book inspires and teaches! It’s a short read that can be finished by readers and non-readers alike. A “mind grabbing”, “life changing” book. If you want objective, practical guidance that teenagers up to young adults in their twenties can understand and apply in the short term, this book is the resource for you.

For the hard copy list price of $5.95, this book is an great, affordable resource. Order Today! The book is also available electronically on Amazon at Please leave a review!

Reader`s Testimonial

Forming a Strong Foundation for your Life book is life coaching lively written. It shows a unique approach to engaging in self-discovery, purpose and fulfillment towards success especially for the young audience. It is also a fascinating reference book. I would highly recommend to be also sold at Public Schools. Every teenager should own a copy. Parents - great gift for your teenagers. Great job Mr. Demery – you should be very proud of this book!

C Dunton
This book is a must read. Our youth need to read this message you have assembled. There is an audience that needs this book. Very well put together

This book was a solid written document about how to evoke young people to establish a strong foundation for the direction of their lives. The examples used in the book are real and send a solid message of authenticity about the lives of young people, especially young black men, and how they make choices for their lives. A solid read and I certainly recommend this to African American male groups designed to encourage young men to be wise in decision making by establishing a strong foundation for their lives.

There are self-help books and inspirational writers—I think a fair and accurate descriptive label for this author, Byron Demery, might be “aspirational reality writer.” As he develops his main theme and title in Chapter 2, the reader is impressed with his sincerity, his passion, his intensity and his sadness—in short, his caring. I am reminded of a paraphrase of an adage of wisdom gleaned from networking professionals, multi-level marketing and self-help authors and gurus… “Your reader must first feel how much you care— Before he can or will care how much you know.” I enjoyed this book and found it thoughtful and provocative.

D Jones
Excellent read. Not a very long book but a very effective book. This book is perfect for all but a must read for kids. It should be a pre-high school summer reading requirement. It focuses on the key elements that young adults need to become successful and may even be used as field leveler for young adults. I actually find myself taking notes from this book in my adulthood. Get it in the schools!!!


When I first opened the book I thought it would be just another over-critical analysis of inner city behaviors. By the time I was two pages in I realized that was not the case at all. Within this book are many tools, techniques and forward minded ideas which could be used to motivate and invigorate a fresh perspective in the minds of young people in every community. I was so moved by this book that I have appealed to my church's youth ministry to utilize this tool as a resource to redirect some of the negative thought processes our youth have become accustomed to. World class writing Mr. Demery

Andy F
I really loved reading this book. It helps me get motivated and focused on the important things in my life. This is truly an inspirational book,  every time I feel depressed or doubt in myself, I just open and read through a few pages.  Great work!

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